Ohio River Scenic Byway

Spanning 14 counties in southern Ohio, this national byway encompasses the entire length of the Ohio River in Ohio, in total 452 miles.

The byway offers travelers scenic views of the lush Ohio Valley and small river towns with important historical significance to the state as well as the country.

The southernmost route begins near Cincinnati and follows the beautiful Ohio River all the way to the Pennsylvania border.

In the center of the byway you will find the Ohio River Scenic Byway Visitor Center in historic Marietta, Ohio.

Marietta is the first organized settlement in the Northwest Territory, as written about by Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough in his last book, The Pioneers.

Marietta is home to several Hopewell Indian earthworks and is located nearby America’s 25th UNESCO World Heritage site- the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks.

Whether you’re looking for a window into our nation’s dramatic history, a destination that offers exciting outdoor excursions, family-friendly activities, or top-notch dining, shopping and relaxation, Marietta, Ohio and our surrounding region have a plethora of experiences to offer.

Plan your visit today to experience a place that has captivated dreamers and doers for generations.