Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway

The Columbia River cut this dramatic gap between the Cascade Mountains on its way to the Pacific Ocean eons ago. Lewis and Clark explored this path centuries ago. Today, modern travelers are awestruck at the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Byway.

Drive through a land where white water leaps over cliffs to join the Columbia River. Watch shadows play in the creases of 4,000-foot-high basalt walls. Hike to breathtaking vistas of Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams and Mount Hood. Join the rush of the water; kayak or windsurf between the river’s wide banks. The mighty Columbia will leave its mark on you, just as it has on this land.

Key points of interest:

  • Beacon Rock – Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Beacon Rock is the core of an ancient volcano. The mile-long trail to its summit provides outstanding panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge. The park has over 20 miles of roads and trails open to hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use.
  • Maryhill Museum & Stonehenge Replica – Housed in a spectacular Beaux Arts mansion on 5,300 acres, Maryhill Museum of Art features special exhibitions and world-class permanent collections. These include more than 80 works by Auguste Rodin, European and American paintings, objects d’art from the palaces of the Queen of Romania who was a close confident of founder Sam Hill, Orthodox icons, unique chess sets, and the renowned Théâtre de la Mode, featuring small-scale mannequins attired in designer fashions of post-World War II France.